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animeKrillin   ( English language )
Anime Pics, Info, Music, Anime E-Greetings on Akira, Ranma 1/2, Evangelion, Dragon Ball Z, Sailor moon, Kenshin and more
(first time of submission 07/03/1999, time of update 07/03/1999)
AniMiko Central   ( English language )
1 alternate timeline DBZ fanmanga + 1 ultimate crossover fanmanga + other stuff including Castlevania info = this site!
(first time of submission 06/20/1999, time of update 06/20/1999)
Lisa e Seya   ( Italian language )
Lisa e Seya (kaitou saint tail)
(first time of submission 09/10/1999, time of update 09/10/1999)
MFs Manga Page   ( English language )
A page with a lot of manga scans from various manga like Dragon Ball, EVA, Kenshin, etc.
(first time of submission 05/31/1999, time of update 05/31/1999)
Section 9   ( English language )
A New Ghost in the Shell Fan site, Soon to have lots of pics and info
(first time of submission 07/12/1999, time of update 07/12/1999)
Team KAOS   ( English language )
Anime, roms and Emulators
(first time of submission 08/06/1999, time of update 08/06/1999)
DRAGON BALL Z GT   ( Spanish language / English language )
The best animations, sagas, photos, links, chat, discussion room, browsers and more
(first time of submission 10/02/1999, time of update 10/02/1999)
Manga Land   ( French language )
Enter the Manga Zone and discover all the news from Albator 84 to Evangelion
(first time of submission 03/01/1999, time of update 03/01/1999)
The Dragon Ball and Gunnm Storage Room   ( English language )
This site has everything. From downloads to pic galleries, animated GIFs, summaries, to scanned and translated manga and character profiles. Hardly any complaints…
(first time of submission 01/91/1999, time of update 01/91/1999)
the overfiend   ( Deutsch language )
Anime und Manga site
(first time of submission 10/02/1999, time of update 10/02/1999)
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